Lettys Parkyn

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Who is Lettys Parkyn?

Lettys Parkyn brings history to life right before your eyes. Re-enacting the life of a 16th century herb gardener Lettys uses the speech and mannerisms of the time to provide a light hearted look at the life and costume of a poor Tudor woman.

With over ten years experience re-enacting Lettys will give you a rare insight of what life was like for the common person in Tudor times. Having studied the herbals of Gerard and Culpeper she can provide detailed accounts of herbs and their uses in the 16th century. Paintings inspired by these and other contemporary documents can be seen on this site.

Lettys has given talks both indoors and outdoors to many varied groups and is able to adapt talks and related activities to suit any audience and any event.


Talks are available on the following subjects and you can discuss your requirements with Lettys.

  • Tudor costume
  • Herbs and their uses in Tudor times
  • The Tudor Stillroom
  • An armchair visit to Kentwell Hall (slide show contrasting rich and poor Tudor life)

It was a most interesting and enjoyable evening.

No one knew what to expect so it was all the more entertaining …

…you had us all enthralled with life in Tudor times.

2003 LettysParkyn